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My grandfather saved a number of books issued to veterans during and after the conflict, including a recounting of 26th Army Division actions in France as well as the American Expeditionary Force in general. Other pamphlets and books were also either issued or collected. Some of these books contain graphic images; the black and white photographs retain their impact. Several other books, which are very large, has not been scanned but are already in the public domaine and can be downloaded with the provided links.


Nelson, John. 1919. A brief history history of the fighting Yankee Division A.E.F. Reprinted from the Worchester Evening Gazette, The Worchester Gazette Company, Worchester, Massacheusetts.

Field Service Regulations, United States Army 1914. Corrected to July 21, 1918. Changes No. 1 to 11.

The Heroic 26th Yankee Division - Its Deeds and Valor Over There. Picture book with brief synopsis on book ends.

Clapp, L. A., Capt. 1917. Pocket Signal Disk, for Instruction and Practice in the International Morse and Semaphore Codes. In Accordance with U.S. Army and Navy Systems, 1917. Manufactured exclusively by the Standard Novelty Co., Melrose, Massacheusetts, USA.

Absolute Truth. circa 1920. Small book of about 30 pages, is contains very graphic black-and-white photographs of war causalties, probably taken during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive (September-November 1918). Anomynous publisher, it was probably an unofficial or internal publication of the U.S. Signal Corps, but some of the photographs do not bear an official designation. It is interesting to speculate whether this was an early form of a "leak" by an anti-war or pacifist person or group of internal photographs.

US Treasury Insurance Certificate

Welcome Home Yankee Division. In commemoration of the foreign service and home-coming of the 26th Division, official programme, 25 cents. Contains photographs, and summary of the 26th Division's actions in France, insignias, citations award to the division and its personnel, and a list of those killed during service (necrology). [US$ 0.25 (1919) = US$ 3.41 (2014)]

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26th "Fighting Yankee" Division, by John Nelson.

Field Service Regulations, United States Army, 1914, Corrected to July 21, 1918.

Heroic 26th Yankee Division

Pocket Signal Disk Booklet

Absolute Truth, circa 1920.

Welcome Home Yankee Division, 1919.

"The war was 90 percent boredom, 8 percent work and worry, and 2 percent terror"