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Photographs - Camps and Personal Images

Panarama of Camp Devens, now known as Fort Devens, where my grandfather was stationed with the 26th Division before deployment to France. Click on image for a larger sized picture (24.4 MB). Likely taken in 1917 or 1918. The photograph is in a curled condition. I made this panarama by combining multiple photographs using the stitching routine in Photoshop CC.

Portrait, taken probably in 1917 in New York City during a visit home. Taken by F. Trachtenberg.

Early camp in Massacheusetts, probably 1917.

Dan with unknown person, probably taken same day as the photo above, 1917. I used a crop of this picture for the home page image.

Posing in or near Ayers, Massacheusetts, or somewhere in or near Camp Devens, 1917.

Unknown monument. 1917?

Post World War One Pictures


Jeannette with Daniel

Family, with his two daughters, circa 1942-44, taken at Bear Mountain Park, up the Hudson River

Daniel and Jeannette, circa 1978-79

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