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World War One websites related to my grandfather's experience are listed below.

The Great War Project - a group of long-time public radio broadcasters are telling the story of The Great War, as it unfolded.
BBC History - World War One - articles and perspectives.
Der Spiegel Online International - World War One - articles and perspectives.
Richard Ruben - 100 Years of Gratitude
Smedley Butler - War is a Racket. Butler was a former US Major General who wrote an article in 1935 that criticized business profiteering during the war. This ultimately led to a congressional investigation that validated his arguments, but no actual change took place. Curious how, twenty six years later, another prominent five-star US general and President would warn about the "military complex".
British Library project, with very good articles.
Michael Shay's "Yankee Division in the First World War" (book for purchase)


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"The war was 90 percent boredom, 8 percent work and worry, and 2 percent terror"