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Photographs - Soldier Medals and Personal Items

Below are images of medals, soldier items, a war souvenir, and a WWI gas mask that were issued to or collected by my grandfather during the war. Click on any picture to see higher resolution photograph.

Medal awarded to soldiers who fought in particular campaigns. Two pictures, with front and back of the hanging medallion. Actions my grandfather participated in were the Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, and the Defensive Sector.

Various soldier items issued to my grandfather during his service.

Soldier Belt

Mirror Kit

Sewing Kit (aka "Housewife")

Soldier cap

Compact Lighter

Soldier Tool

"Yankee Division" 26th Ensignia

Battle Stripe

Scan of dogtags and metal buttons issued to my grandfather during his service.

War souvenir (belt buckle?). "Gott mit uns" is "God is with us". How it was obtained is not known.

Various views of the issued gasmask, which is is in remarkably good shape.

Gas Mask Case

Gas Mask, Partially Removed

Gas Mask and Case, Soldier's View when looking down

Instructions and Cleaner

Anti-Dimmer Substance for Gas Mask

Gas Mask Instructions

Gas Mask Instructions


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"The war was 90 percent boredom, 8 percent work and worry, and 2 percent terror"